Who are we?


Who is Birth Trauma Trust?

The Birth Trauma Trust was co-founded by Emma Jane Sasaru and Susanne Remic.


Emma Jane is a mother to two beautiful daughters. She is passionate about improving maternity and perinatal mental health services for women and their families. Emma Jane works for the NHS in Infant Feeding. She is also a postnatal doula.

Emma Jane had a very traumatic birth with her first daughter which nearly cost her and hers baby’s lives. Her birth experience and postnatal care resulted in perinatal PTSD. Unfortunately her PTSD was not diagnosed till many years later. Emma Jane wishes to channel her experience into helping others and educating health professionals on the impact of trauma in birth, how we can all work together to reduce birth trauma and improve support for families that are affected.

Emma Jane is the founder of Unfold your wings a PTSD and Birth trauma support website, facebook and twitter page . She also blogs and offers support for postnatal care at Lovingbaby.co.uk. Emma Jane is also a member of #Matexp. Emma Jane also founded the Perinatal Mental Health Network. You can contact Emma Jane at emma@lovingbaby.co.uk.


Susanne is mother to four wonderful children. Susanne writes at Ghostwritermummy and is a multi award nominated blogger, having written about her maternity experiences since the traumatic birth of her son in 2009. Susanne is also a founder of Maternity Matters, a website and online community which aims to empower, support and inspire women and their families, no matter what their maternity experience.

Susanne is also an active member of #MatExp and founder of the IUGR Support Group UK on Facebook. She writes and campaigns about her experiences with birth trauma, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) and c-sections. You can contact Susanne at ghostwritermummy@hotmail.co.uk.


Emma Jane and Susanne also co-host #BirthTraumaChat on twitter on Mondays at 8pm.

You can contact us at birthtraumatrust@gmail.com