What is the Birth Trauma Trust?




The birth of a new baby should be a time of joy for families, and for many this is indeed the case. Yet, sadly, there are also many women who don’t have the experience that they hoped for- and this can leave them feeling traumatised.

Birth Trauma effects many families, both women and their partners- and the results can be devastating, life changing and long lasting. Families need support during this vulnerable time, and that support needs to be right for them. It needs to be individualised specifically for their needs.

It’s important that women and their families receive acknowledgement about their feelings surrounding their birth experience along with help and support to understand those feelings.

Birth Trauma Trust aims to raise awareness of birth trauma, its link to perinatal wellbeing and mental health, and to also highlight the ways in which the care that women receive in pregnancy, during birth and postnatally can dramatically reduce the impact that a difficult birth experience can have.

Birth Trauma Trust believes that regardless of how or where a woman gives birth, she should be treated with kindness; her choices should be listened to and respected; she should be treated as an individual with individual needs; and the care she receives should support her, protect her and make her feel safe.

Birth Trauma Trust also believes that all women should be provided with evidence based information, so that she and her family can make choices about her care that are personalised and right for her. This should include the benefits and risks.

We will aim to support five main areas

  1. Raising awareness of birth trauma and it’s impact on families
  2. The importance of kind, compassionate and respectful care
  3. Perinatal mental health support following birth trauma
  4. Supporting families making evidence informed choices 
  5. Reducing Birth Trauma by improving maternity care

A vital part of the Birth Trauma Trust is hearing the stories of those with lived experience of birth trauma, as we believe this helps our understanding and provides valuable insight into how we can all improve maternity services- which ultimately will help to build services that truly reflect the needs of women and their families. By working together, along with the voices and stories of women and their families, we can improve services available, reduce birth trauma and provide support to those who are suffering. We believe that every woman should have wonderful memories of her baby’s birth and that they feel loved, cared for and supported. 


You may wonder why a Dandelion? Dandelions are symbols of hope, but also survival. They are one of the hardiest of the wildflowers and yet so delicate. They remind us that Birth Trauma changes us, it can make us feel fragile. We can struggle to survive, bashed and knocked about by the winds of change that have befallen us. Yet, just as the dandelion survives by tiny seeds that are carried to new meadows, so too despite our difficult experiences, we can with tiny seeds of hope, grow and find new ways of living and coping.

Dandelions too are symbols of wishes. As the Birth Trauma Trust we have may wishes, but our hope is that our wishes, with your help, may one day become reality.