Maternal Mental Health Week 2017



May 1 – 7 2017 is Maternal Mental Health Week, including World Maternal Mental Health Day on the 3rd.  Across the country there will be events happening to raise awareness of the importance of supporting good mental health and wellbeing in mums and families. The focus this year is on how and where mums and families can seek help.

The Birth Trauma Trust hopes to help raise awareness of the impact the Birth Experience has on Maternal Mental Health and highlight how families if they are struggling after the birth of their baby can access support.

Sadly the impact of a difficult birth isn’t always linked to the mental wellbeing of mums. Often a woman may not even be asked about how her birth was and instead maybe told to ‘move on’ or that a ‘health baby’ is what matters. When a woman or a partner is affected by a birth experience and this isn’t acknowledged, or they are not given the space to talk about how they feel or given any support, mental wellbeing will suffer.

With this in mind we are each day have a theme to help raise awareness and also to give families a voice.

Monday May 1st

We will be sharing and asking the community to share sources of support for Birth Trauma.

Tuesday May 2nd

How to seek support and who from. Will be be sharing how to access support for birth trauma.

Wednesday May 3rd – Maternal Mental Health Day 

We will be be holding a #HearMyVoice thread on the Facebook page aiming to give families a voice and  to highlight the importance of speaking out.

Thursday May 4th

We will be looking at recovery and healing from Birth Trauma, including a ‘ I care about me thread”.

Friday May 5th

On Friday we will be looking at Post Trauma Growth and how when trauma is acknowledged and the right support given, the struggle can give the opportunity for growth.

Please join us on facebook and twitter.

There are lots of other ways you can get Involved. Please follow along on the hashtags #maternalMHmatters #perinatalpostivitypot and #PNDhour. Also look out for tweets from @MMHAlliance and @pmhpuk.

Together our community can make sure that Birth Trauma is acknowledged, that those effected have a voice and that we make sure there is support in place for those that need it.

So join us next week for Maternal Mental Health Week.



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