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Every Monday at 8pm Emma and Susanne host a tweet chat on birth trauma using the hashtag #BirthTraumaChat. They cover all kinds of subjects- from signs and symptoms, partners, self care and therapies. Please join them and share your thoughts or just follow along. The chat is a safe place where you can share your stories, experiences or maybe just learn more about birth trauma and how it affects families.

Many report that having birth trauma and PTSD can be a very lonely place, that no one seems to understand and they can find themselves feeling very isolated and lonely. Knowing that you are not alone and others are there too, can really help on the road to recovery. Together we are stronger and together we can give each other hope and support.

Everyone will be at different stages, some will be at the start of their journey, others will be recovering, but no matter were we are there will be someone there to support us.

So please join us, help us raise awareness, reduce stigma and support each other.

Please follow us on twitter on #BirthTraumaChat



2 thoughts on “#BirthTraumaChat

  1. Hi,
    I’m thrilled to have finally found an organisation like this I already feel part of!
    I would like to share me story of when I gave birth to my son 7/7/15.
    My ideal labour was to be euphoric.. Pain relief free and a full on earth mum giving birth in the pool.
    Through my naivety I put huge amounts of pressure of myself when in the end it was the complete opposite of what I wanted it to be.
    My waters had been on and off breaking for a day our so eventually going into labour. After staying at home for as long as possible I finally gave in and got myself to hospital, 12 hours with no pain relief and happily bobbing in the pool like I’d dreamt I knew something wasn’t right as my contractions began to wear off.. When examined I was still only 4cm (the same as when I left the house!) my waters were properly broken and my body threw itself back in pain as if to say NOW we’re in labour! I was whipped out the pool and sent to a bed throwing up the whole way through pain and before I know it was high on morphine, hooked to a drip and being held up by my mum so they could put an epidural in my back. Still not dilating the midwife was planning forceps or and emergency c-section but thank god I jumped to 10cm finally, 2 hours it took me to push the little bugger out, who was back to back enhancing the pain. When he eventually made an appearance he was stuck on my chest but then taken from me not long after as I was told we both had strep B. 30 mins had passed and I had haemoraged losing over a litre of blood and ended up retaining my placenta, I was then taken to theatre at this point I was septic and spiking a high temp due to the strep b. They were incredibly rough when removing my placenta which gave me a mild form of body dismorphia and unable to touch my stomach for days and that night I had a nightmare they were ripping me apart again. I made no connection to my little boy, was kept it hospital for 5 days and had severe post natal depression when I eventually got home. Through the experience I also had PTSD and thought of my labour every night in bed for about 9 months trying to make sense of what I did wrong. I would really like to connect with this trust and have some involvement, I believe there are ways to improve the after care of mothers who suffer trauma and I would love to contribute to that.
    Thank you

    • Jennifer thank you for sharing this with us. Would you like to add your story to our Hear My voice section of the website.

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