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We are the Birth Trauma Trust

The birth of a new baby should be a time of joy for families, and for many this is indeed the case. Yet, sadly, there are also many women who don’t have the experience that they hoped for, and this can leave them with feelings of guilt, sadness, anger, disappointment and even traumatised.

It is important that women and their families receive acknowledgement about their feelings surrounding their birth experience, along with help and support to understand those feelings.

The Birth Trauma Trust is a social movement that aims to raise awareness of birth trauma, its link to perinatal wellbeing, maternal mental health, and to also highlight the ways in which the care that women receive in pregnancy, during birth and postnatally can dramatically reduce the impact that a difficult birth experience can have. We are a community of those with lived experience, those who wish to bring change and make birth better for all.

The Birth Trauma Trust believes that regardless of how or where a woman gives birth, she should be treated with kindness; her choices should be listened to and respected; she should be treated as an individual with individual needs; and the care she receives should support her, protect her and make her feel safe.

If you want to join our community, have a story to share or want to know more about birth trauma and perinatal/maternal mental health please contact us.

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